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A Definitive Guide to Setup your First Amazon PPC Campaign

The Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform offers an incredible opportunity to sell your products online.

If created and managed properly, the Amazon PPC campaign can be a great help to sell your inventory faster while increasing organic rankings too. Isn’t it a great deal?

In this vast ocean of merchandise, Amazon sellers must find a way of making their products stands out to win sales.

Amazon PPC campaigns offers that way by highlighting your items. It allows the seller to promote their products directly on the Amazon marketplace.

The program has evolved as a unique way of spreading product awareness in the recent times.

2016 was the year of excellent Amazon PPC results, almost double, and PPC clicks reached its maximum high at 150%.

What exactly is Amazon PPC Management?

Before starting Amazon PPC campaign, it is very important to adopt the right PPC management strategy.

Even though the effectiveness of overall organic search traffic remains pivotal, it usually takes a few months to show results.

Hence, if you want a higher ranking for your item and move ahead of competitors, you must invest in PPC first.

Once your sales and reviews increase and your product climbs up the listing queue, you can cut back on the ad spend and take optimum advantage of the organic traffic.

Fortunately, setting up an Amazon PPC campaign is simple. After successfully setting up the first PPC campaign, you can get much insight as and ensure that the amount spent on the PPC campaign is worth the investment.

What is the Purpose of Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC method is used for the purpose of sponsored ads. It is an advertising method, in which advertisers only pay for the ads once potential shoppers click on the ad and view the product.

Note that PPC works in a different way than pay-per-mail advertising, or PPM, which is a typical impression-based method of advertising used by Facebook.

Amazon PPC

Setting Up an Effective Amazon PPC Campaign


Sign in to your Amazon Seller Central Account. Click ‘Advertising’ from the top menu, and select ‘Campaign Manager.


On the ‘Campaign Manager’ page, you would be prompted to ‘Setup your campaign budget and duration.’ While this is a basic step, you must take this point seriously.

Follow these steps and do the needful:

1) Name your campaign and bear in mind that you can create multiple ad groups in a single campaign.

So, choose a broad campaign name. For instance, your campaign is about Fall Fashion, so you can call it Fall Fashion 2018.

You can also create multiple groups within the same campaign using different keywords such as Fall Fashion 2018 1, Fall Fashion 2018 2 and so on.

2) Set up your daily budget based on various factors. For instance, the daily budget can quickly add up.

Therefore, a budget of $20 might translate to $1200 in a month. If you cannot decide your monthly budget then opt for the daily budget.

3) Always determine the start date and end date of a campaign; do not leave the end data open.

You may end up spending your ad dollars without even knowing it, typically if you spend working on other campaigns simultaneously. Take a month to gather enough stats and data from the search term report.

4) Amazon offers options for Automatic & Manual Targeting based on the product (s) you are advertising.

This is beneficial if you want information from customer searches. Similarly, Manual Targeting allows you to choose specific keywords to be used for the campaign.


‘Name the group of ads’ is the next prompt. You can add multiple advertisement groups to a campaign.

Hence, select appropriate names to distinguish it from others.


Choose the product you are advertising. You can only choose one product for each sponsored ad campaign.


Decide the budget for each keyword used. By setting the keyword bid and daily budget, you are also determining the number of clicks you could receive daily. Hence, ensure the amounts are set properly for optimum results.


Choose keywords tactfully. It is often complicated and equally crucial for the campaign.

Here, you have to learn to experiment with keywords first. Amazon provides keyword suggestions too, which shows up as you select ‘keyword suggestions.’


After entering preferred keywords, click ‘Save and Finish.’


After providing all your details, you are redirected to the Campaign Manager Page. A ‘Success’ message would greet you. Usually, new campaigns take an hour before ads start appearing in search results.


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