A Complete Guide to Hire a White Label PPC Agency

In today’s fast-paced digital marketplace, running a successful marketing agency is not easy. The competition is cut-throat and you have to continuously evolve to serve your clients better with all-around digital marketing services. However, expanding your service portfolio often comes with a lot of challenges – lack of reliable in-house expertise, time and budget constraints, etc. This is particularly true for smaller agencies that have limited resources and budgets.


For larger digital marketing agencies, the biggest challenge is a lack of scalability. They might have a full stack of marketing experts but not enough clients. For certain services such as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, they might see seasonal peaks and downfalls. But for the latter, they still have to pay their full-time staff. To address this challenge, they often hire fewer talents and tend to overburden them with a variety of digital marketing solutions that they might not be specialized in. This can significantly affect their productivity levels and quality of services rendered.


In both situations, what gets affected badly? Your credibility as a digital marketing agency! Outsourcing your PPC advertising services to a trusted third-party agency can help address this situation in a smart and cost-effective manner. This is also known as white label PPC management.


What is White Label PPC?


White label PPC is a process wherein a digital marketing agency outsources end-to-end pay per click advertising services from a third-party (PPC agency) and resells them to their clients under their brand. This is done in a 100% discrete and confidential manner, ensuring the utmost privacy of the reseller program from the end clients.

The white label PPC agency will do all the hardship and provide comprehensive services so that you can sell with more confidence, add to your current service portfolio, get more clients, and achieve higher ROI.

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Top 5 Benefits of White Label PPC


Find out the key advantages of white label PPC outsourcing:


  • Specialized PPC experts working on your project

When you outsource white label pay per click services, you are actually bringing in specialized experts who have vast experience delivering excellent results for a wide range of PPC campaigns. They are capable of handling paid display advertising campaigns of any size and complexity, and for a wide range of industries.


  • Build a Strong Brand Image

White label PPC agencies provide a full suite of services that can help cater to your client’s marketing needs in an effective manner. At the same time, they pay attention to improving your brand image, capturing the true essence of your business in the services they provide. They will spend time understanding your business, design industry-proven practices, and provide on-brand PPC services that deliver quality results.


  • Get Comprehensive Services

When you outsource white label Facebook advertising services, you get everything that effective PPC management comprises of. This may include an initial consultation to understand your client needs, setting up a dedicated strategy, budgeting, location-based targeting, keyword research, ad creative & landing page design, bid management, ad scheduling, conversion tracking, and reporting.


  • Gain Higher Client Satisfaction Rate

Offering specialized services like Pay per Click advertising can be complex without having expert knowledge and technical skills. If not implemented properly, it can sabotage your clients’ business while causing them to go over budget.


  • Cost-Effective

If your digital marketing agency lacks the expertise to offer dedicated PPC management services to your clients, outsourcing to a white label PPC management company can help serve your clients better while saving your costs in hiring specialists. These white label agencies typically have cost-effective packages and flexible hiring models that can enable you to cater to your clients’ needs in an effective manner. No need to hire full-time PPC experts, no in-house infrastructure or resources required.


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Factors to Consider Before Hiring a White Label PPC Agency


To ensure you hire the best white label PPC agency, it is important that you take into consideration the following factors.


#1: Transparency 

Transparency is one of the most vital things you should consider before hiring a white label PPC partner. This is important because you will be hiring an agency that will work on behalf of your business to offer dedicated PPC services that you can resell to your clients. Your business credibility matters here.

So if the white label PPC agency is not transparent about what they are doing and how it is not possible for you to keep track of the project improvements and quality of results offered. Simply getting a PPC campaign live and then disappearing only to send you a monthly report will not fulfill your need to have complete details of the campaign.


Therefore, it is important that the agency maintains a high level of transparency and keeps you in the loop through every stage of PPC campaign management.    


#2: Alignment with your Goals and Expectations

Since you are reselling white label PPC management service to your valued clients, it is crucial for such services to align with your business goals and expectations. The third-party services you provide should reflect your values and vision. For this, make sure the PPC agency has a strong grasp of your objectives and expectations from choosing white label services. It is also important to clearly state what you are looking forward to from them. Set goals that are concise and realistic.


#3: Experience & Credibility of the PPC Partner 

To ensure your clients get the best results for their ad spending, ensure you hire only the best white label PPC agency. If white label PPC services fail to generate quality results for your clients, it will affect your business credibility and client retention rate. Therefore, you would want to deliver only the best to your clients. Hence, it is important that you hire a PPC agency that has vast experience in pay per click advertising and can deliver guaranteed results.


Ensure what strategy and practices they will adopt to achieve quality results for your clients. At the same time, the agency should have good market credibility. Check reviews and ratings to determine whether you can entrust them with your client’s offshore PPC management campaigns.

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#4: Hire Only PPC Specialists  

One of the key criteria of white label PPC management is that the agency should focus on providing PPC services primarily. For exceptional PPC results, you would want to hire a specialist, not someone who is a “jack of all trades.” Therefore, it is crucial that you check their service portfolio first. Do they specialize only in Pay per Click advertising or also offer search engine optimization, web design or other digital marketing services?


For the latter, it should be a red flag because the agency might not be ‘experts’ in PPC to the level you desire.


#5: What PPC Services You Can Expect?   

This is another crucial factor that you should consider when outsourcing white label PPC. What services the agency is specialized to offer? A good PPC agency is one that provides end-to-end, integrated pay per click advertising services. This should include everything from project discussion & strategy building to market analysis, GEO targeting, keyword analysis, ad copywriting, landing page optimization, bid management, ad scheduling, performance tracking, and reporting. Anything less than this can jeopardize your business and clients you serve.


#6: PPC Account Management, Tracking, and Analysis   

Are you happy with the best PPC agency just designing and implementing a pay per click campaign, or want them to provide continuous support, tracking, and analysis? Unless the agency offers dedicated account management and support even after the campaign is up and running, it will fail to deliver quality results for your clients. That is because PPC delivers instant results but if you do not track campaign performance and analyze the insights, you will fail to optimize the same. This can result in a poor click-through rate and higher ad spending.


Make sure the PPC agency offers a comprehensive reseller program that also includes continuous support, ad campaign improvements, tracking, analysis, and reporting. Only then you can deliver meaningful results to your clients.


#7: Pricing Model 

Finally, you should consider the pricing model before you hire a white label PPC agency. Do they have a monthly PPC management fee, a one-time package, or take a certain percentage of your ad spend? Do they charge on an hourly basis? The pricing factor can have a direct impact on your PPC campaigns and their performance. Therefore, the agency should be upfront about their pricing structure and how they charge for their services.



White label PPC is not for everyone. It can present certain challenges in addition to the remarkable benefits it offers to digital marketing agencies. If you are considering white label PPC outsourcing, it is crucial that you take into consideration the above factors and adjudge its effectiveness against your business objectives.


However, it is a powerful tool that marketing agencies can leverage to better serve their clients with guaranteed PPC results and higher revenues. This will help build a strong business image, expand your service portfolio, get more clients, and give you a winning advantage.

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