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If you are a small or medium Google PPC agency, one of the most common queries which you go through is “How to get more clients?”

However, the answer for it varies based on the niche you are working on and also the years of experience you have in the industry. Finding clients isn’t really tough, but finding the right kind of client for your PPC agency takes time.

Whether you are looking for scaling up or trying to cover up your lost sales, these strategies will help you build a strong agency in the long run.

1. Ask For Referrals

Though it might sound so basic, referrals are one of the strongest ways to build any business. And the same applies to any PPC agency in India

If the existing client has a good relationship with you over the years, it can help you in getting more referrals for your business, which have high chances to close.

Moreover, there is no cost involved in getting referrals for your agency, unless and until any reward or cashback is announced for every referral.

2. Try Outreach

The outreach method has proven to work for many top PPC agencies in the world. Even small PPC agencies have seen tremendous results through outreach campaigns.

Most of the clients respond to outreach campaigns if they find the price quoted is very reasonable. Moreover, outreach is proven to work because clients have a lot of agencies pinging them on a daily basis, and they have a lot of options to pick the best PPC agency that quotes less price.

Speaking authoritatively within a given vertical gives you an edge over other agencies vying for equal opportunities. Also, defining your area of interest in the outreach campaigns makes it less difficult to convert a client.

3. Attend Networking Activities

Apart from the outreach strategies mentioned above, you, as the best PPC agency in India, must focus on attending many networking activities. This helps to improve your brand presence also get more clients from such meetups.

Many organizations in your niche conduct regular meet-ups to attend. You must treat this as a great potential to attract more clients.

On the other hand, if you are one of the small PPC agencies in India, you must focus on improving connections by joining shared workspace like WeWork, Workbar, etc.

You can enroll in such co-working spaces for a month, try to know the companies over there and start discussing your agency and services with them.

4. Spend on Paid Ads

Most of the PPC marketing agencies try to run ad campaigns in order to attract more clients for their business. Before running your paid campaigns, make sure to define the budget you are willing to shell out for the campaign.

Creating interesting and engaging commercials for your company will help to attract more business in returns.

Your creativity in ads will be reflected in the number of leads you generate. The more engaging your commercials are, the more business you get.

5. Send Emails

Email marketing is another great strategy that has proven to work for many PPC experts. Just like paid ads, marketing agencies must show their creativity even in email templates.

Creating an engaging subject line will increase the open rate for your email campaign and then having an attractive email template will do the rest of the job. Try to direct the prospect to a landing page where you would like to see more conversions.

6. Content and Partnerships

Producing great content to show off your domain knowledge helps in getting more prospects for your India PPC agency. Writing engaging content on your corporate blog might be time-consuming, but if done right, it has the potential to bring in many leads organically.

Moreover, this method of generating leads does not require any investment except time. Once you craft engaging content on your blog, try to promote it on social platforms.

If the content goes viral over social platforms, you get free leads like a piece of cake.

7. Guest Content

Try to promote your PPC services on the websites that already have a good readership. You can do this with the help of guest blogging.

Guest blogging allows you to publish your content on a third-party authority website that leaves a link back to your website. This way, most of the readers will get to know about your agency and its services, and it generates leads in the long run.

8. Try to Write Down the Common Queries Asked By Prospects

You can improve the conversion rate by focusing on the common queries asked by the prospects. Most of the time, not having an answer to the prospects’ queries will lead to a poor conversion rate.

So, to improve the conversion rate, try to focus on the most commonly asked questions like:

(i) PPC is Expensive

When prospects say PPC is expensive to try, then make them understand how you can bring them leads at a reasonable price and ensure that you are an affordable PPC agency.

In short, you must be able to make the client understand your solid domain knowledge and showcase your successful portfolio. 

Sometimes, PPC agency fees is not the only issue faced by clients, and they also have other queries regarding how fast they can see the results, what is the ROI, etc. If you can master the sales pitch, this will not be of any issue.

These are some of the commonly used prospecting strategies by any PPC agency in India. If you want to try getting in more leads for your agency as well, try to use one or combination of the above strategies to improve your client base.


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