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8 Google Ads PPC Stats To Make You Daydream Of Agencies

These days, there seems to be an endless sea of PPC Stats from Google Ads floating around the SERPs.

And if you don’t know which metrics are useful and which are useless, you might find yourself rebuilding your campaigns based on bogus PPC Stats from Google Advertising that you read in some unqualified post or report.

Otherwise, you could very well be in weaker waters than you have been in before. This is also where an actual PPC agency‘s experience will come in handy.

8 PPC Stats from Google Advertising to help you Daydream of Agencies

The 8 Google Adwords PPC stats below will make you rethink your in-house digital advertising strategies and make you select a google ads agency.

1) PPC Advertisements are 50 per cent more likely to be converted by users who click

There is a long-running controversy about which organic or paid traffic converts better. It essentially derives from the idea that different levels of intent in the purchasing funnel line up with other search activity on Google if you’re new to the discussion.

So, you’ll be more likely to click on various items depending on where you are in the funnel (research, consideration/comparison, buy, etc.).

Many individuals have often assumed that organic results reflect the highest level of purpose for search engine clickers, with their highly focused long-tail keywords.

But, according to some actual stats because of Moz, it turns out that paying ad clickers are currently 50 per cent more likely than organic clickers to convert ultimately.

2) Google Advertising controls about 37% of the market.

Google Advertising alone occupies over a third of the entire industry, out of all current PPC platforms. 37% is not a small number. There is a justification for so many digital marketers to turn to Google Advertising to handle their PPC campaigns, regardless of scale, when walking the walk and speaking the talk.

3) Almost Everybody Uses Search For Local Business

Almost everyone is not a helpful PPC statistic for Google Advertising. But what about 97% of customers use the internet to check for local search results relying on Google Advertising to communicate with local businesses. A good enough stat for that? Thoughts that might make you want to get into the google ads management agency.

4) More than 65% of users click on PPC ads to buy

You can depend on the PPC audience you are targeting to be slightly more tuned towards conversion than any ordinary audience you may come across online, with over 65 per cent of internet users clicking on advertisements while making a purchase.

When adjusting your campaigns for quick wins or long-term remarketing campaigns, this will help you weigh out your choices, as each will affect how you invest and gain in your campaigns in the short and long term.

5) 92% of search engine specific market share by Google

Google may take up 37 per cent of the market share of the entire PPC network. But when it comes to total search engine market share, what once was a Goliath becomes a Godzilla’s heck.

6) Search users make up more than 70% of mobile users.

As smartphones become even more famous (as if they might be much more popular than today) to the average customer, it is important to note how many smartphone users are still mobile users.

And it turns out that 72% of smartphone users are local search consumers who are involved. That means that nearly 3/4ths of all smartphone users are just waiting for your beautiful ppc ads as a primed local audience.

7) Via Google Advertising, over 70% of mobile conversions call.

More than 70 per cent of mobile converters call the local company directly via Google Advertising, according to PowerTraffik, and anyone who has done any local shopping based on Yelp feedback or a Siri Google search.

8) PPC Averages A 200% ROI

That is right. Google Advertising on the average Google Search Network and ROI of about 200 per cent, according to WordLead.


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