7 Effective Tips on Amazon PPC Management to Get the Most of Your Daily Budget

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Are you new to Amazon advertising? Not sure how to gain maximum product visibility and generate more sales in a limited budget?

These proven Amazon PPC management tips are just what you need to get started.


Tip 1: The First Pillar of Amazon PPC Success: Optimize Your Product Listings


Smart PPC campaigns are more than keywords, ad creative, and bidding – the quality of your Amazon product listings can have a profound impact on CTR and conversions.

The below Amazon PPC tips on product listing optimization will help you lead the way:


  • Visually-Appealing & Realistic Imagery: Optimizing your product images plays a pivotal role in increasing customer engagement and sales on Amazon.

    Choose high-resolution and professional-looking photos that display your products in a realistic and compelling manner.


  • Use Branching Strategy: Another proven tactic to optimize your product listings is the branching strategy.

    Here, you create a broad category and place multiple similar products under it.

    This helps build an authority on the Amazon search result page, getting your products increased visibility.

    It is also an effective customer engagement tool because when a customer clicks on a product variant, he will discover more related options available.


  • Add Relevant Keywords in the Product Title & Description: If your product title or description does not contain a keyword, it is time to integrate one to improve its organic search rankings on Amazon.


Tip 2: Be Relevant to the Searchers’ Intent


Let’s face it – no matter how compelling an ad creative or a product you have, it will not show up on Amazon search results unless it is relevant to what the searcher is looking for.

Therefore, focusing on the searchers’ intent is a vital step of Amazon PPC optimization.

This strategy will help you get the most of your PPC campaign and save more.


As an online seller, it is important to have a fair idea of how your potential consumers think and perceive brands on Amazon.

When you type in a product category or niche in the Amazon search bar, it will show you suggestions of how people use different search terms to find products online.

This is the cue that a good Amazon PPC agency takes to identify the right keywords to integrate into the ad copy and make it most “relevant” to a searchers’ intent.


Picking relevant keywords based on what your potential customers are looking for precisely can also prevent the ad from being shown to irrelevant searchers.

This will reduce the rate of unwanted clicks and improve your ROI by boosting your positive click-through rate (CTR).


Amazon PPC management experts also use advanced keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool to discover a broad set of keywords that match your customers’ search intent.

The tools provide a comprehensive list of how many searches a specific term gets on Amazon and also helps identify related phrases.

You can also segment the keyword data by geographical location to target local searches and generate higher sales.


Tip 3: Begin with Amazon Automatic Targeting but Opt for Manual


Any Amazon PPC expert would like to have more control over PPC campaigns to help make cost-effective business decisions.

However, the automatic targeting feature of Amazon can be a magic tool, especially when you have just started off with your PPC campaign.

Take, for instance, keyword research.

When you set up auto-targeting PPC campaigns, it will automatically test the market and identify which search terms your potential customers are using to find related products.


When you hire professional Amazon PPC services, they can start by setting up a “test” ad campaign with an auto-targeting option.

This will run on a minimum budget and is designed to test how different keywords, match types, and combinations are performing on Amazon.

Once they have keyword data for a few days, they will set up a manual campaign integrating these search terms to boost visibility and drive more sales.


It is important that automatic targeting is used only in conjunction with other keyword research strategies as discussed in the previous tip.

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Tip 4: Optimize and Improve Your Ad Copy


Many PPC sellers do the mistake of running the same ad copy, without testing its effectiveness.

This can prevent the ad from coming up in Amazon search results or influencing your potential customers to click.

Consumer interests and needs are constantly changing and so should be your ad copy.

To engage your audience and get more clicks, it is important that you focus on your ad copy.

Optimizing, testing, and tweaking your ad copy should be a crucial part of your Amazon advertising campaign strategy.

Experts suggest creating two or more compelling ad copies with a killer title and attention-grabbing description.

Product images or videos can further make the ad copy more persuasive for your audiences.

Make sure you integrate all relevant keywords into the ad copy to improve its search engine visibility.


Now split test multiple ad copies across different Amazon PPC campaigns and analyze which performs better.

Eventually, you can bid higher on the ad copy that directs maximum positive clicks.

Remember, this is an ongoing process and you should continue creating fresh, unique, and engaging ad copy and A/B test the same for best results.


Note: It does not take just big budgets to deliver outstanding PPC results.

You need to wisely use Amazon PPC strategies to make the most of every dollar you spend.


Tip 5: Amazon Rank Optimization


Do you know that the budget and bid assigned for a particular keyword depend on the search ranking of the product listing for that search query?


To deliver the best results against a limited budget, a good Amazon PPC consultancy will formulate definitive strategies to improve the position and rank of your product listings on Amazon SERPs for a specific keyword.

Start with it by tracking the top keywords and their respective rankings for your listing.

Based on it, set up three unique campaigns as below:


  • Ranking beyond Page 5: If the product listing ranks beyond page 5 or 6 on Amazon search results, then your Amazon PPC consultant will focus only on a few good-performing keywords instead of bidding on all.

    Through modest bidding, they will ensure your budget is not wasted while focusing on whatever sales the keywords can generate.


  • Ranking on Page 2-5: The same strategy will apply for keywords that rank on Amazon’s second, third, fourth, and fifth search result pages.

    Moderate and consistent bidding on high-performing keywords is the tactic here.

    Likewise, optimize the campaigns by adding these keywords.

    It will automatically help improve your listing’s organic ranking as the keywords start generating more conversions.


  • Ranking on Page 1: Take an aggressive bidding approach for keywords that rank on Amazon’s first page because they have the highest conversion potential.

    With smart bidding on most relevant keywords, you can win the top positions and increase your listing’s visibility.

    At this stage, an Amazon PPC management agency will also include different variations of the keywords, including long-tail keywords, to increase conversions for such queries as well.


Tip 6: Add Negative Keywords to Reduce Ad Spends on Irrelevant Clicks


Pay-per-click sounds simple, but lack of technical know-how can cause you to overspend in several thousand dollars.

Not optimizing your campaign to prevent irrelevant clicks is one such mistake.


Often, you would see a higher click-through rate for a particular keyword (eventually, higher cost-per-click), but with poor conversions.

This might be because the ad is shown even to irrelevant searchers, who would click but not convert.

Say for instance, you sell Burberry perfumes on Amazon. While setting up the campaign, you used “broad” keyword matching strategy with the primary keyword being “Burberry.”

This causes your ad to show even to people searching for “Burberry” watches.


Eventually, they may click but will not convert.

But each click can significantly increase your CPC with no returns.

An Amazon PPC optimisation expert will suggest integrating negative keywords in the campaign to prevent your ads from being shown to others except for your relevant audience.

However, only an Amazon PPC specialist can identify which negative keywords to set up for your campaign.


Tip 7: Adjust Bids Based on Ad Placements


Amazon constantly updates its PPC ad platform to provide a profitable way for sellers to bid.

Now you can adjust the bids based on where your PPC ads are placed on Amazon: at the top of SERPs on page one, within the rest of the search results, or in the product details page, add-to-the-cart page, etc.


A PPC Amazon expert will analyze which ad placement is driving more visibility and sales, and likewise, adjust the bidding strategy for such placements.

This will ensure that you get more returns for every penny spent on strategic ad placements.




Hope the above tips will help optimize your Amazon ad campaigns and generate higher sales.

Since Amazon PPC analysis and management is a complex process, it is crucial that you hire expert Amazon PPC optimization service to get the best results for your budget.


Seek Amazon PPC help from a specialist who has in-depth experience optimizing Amazon ad campaigns and delivering outstanding results.


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