7 Days Lead Generation Guarantee with White Label PPC Services

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Did you know that even if you do not have any knowledge or expertise in PPC, you can still offer excellent results to your clients and make money from it?


And even if you are a PPC expert, you may not have the time to provide a full-suite of pay-per-click services?


Let’s get is straight: Just because you are a digital marketing agency does not mean you have to be excellent in PPC advertising or spend time delivering results for your clients. You can still make money from it and grow your agency.


How? White label PPC management is the answer!


What is White Label PPC?


White label PPC is a service that digital marketing agencies can buy, rebrand and resell. It is a B2B reseller programme where a company outsources services from a white label PPC agency and resells them as their own.

As a digital marketing firm, you can seamlessly add new services without more work, time or training.


You can outsource comprehensive white label PPC services to a third-party or simply get expertise for dedicated solutions like PPC consultancy, reporting, etc.

A digital marketing company, for instance, can outsource PPC white label services to a reputable agency, sell PPC and get the campaigns managed with reporting under their brand.


Why Agencies Need White Label PPC Management?

Typically, PPC white label reseller model is where a third-party (generally one who specialises in PPC) manages the entire campaign with complete anonymity and you resell the same to your business clients under your brand. Here’s why you should consider white label PPC outsourcing:


  • Gain a Competitive Advantage: The competition is getting tougher in the digital space today. Partnering with expert PPC resellers can help achieve exceptional results for your business clients in lucrative paid search platforms online.
  • Save Time: You will have an entire PPC team working on multiple high-value PPC campaigns. No extra work or training required for your agency.
  • Deliver Great PPC Results: Since you have an expert white label PPC agency running the campaigns, your clients get excellent results with higher revenues.
  • Grow your Agency: As your clients get superb PPC results, it will help establish your brand and get an edge over competitors. You can easily add more services and gain new clients.
  • Increased ROI: White label PPC management brings a new stream of revenues for your digital marketing company. As your business grows, you get a higher ROI.

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How White Label PPC Works to Generate Leads in 7 Days?

When you take the white-label approach for PPC advertising solution, top-level companies guarantee lead generation in just 7 days. Here is the proven and effective process they follow to deliver guaranteed results with 4000+% ROI for clients:


1. Quick On-boarding


After in-depth project discussion and strategy planning, prominent white label agencies adopt the fastest on-boarding process to get started right away. In most cases, you can expect everything from PPC account signup to campaign build-up, all within just 1-3 days.


And this is no magic; nor do they compromise with the quality to deliver the service in haste. They are white label PPC agencies that work dedicatedly and fully to provide only paid advertising services.

They have a team of PPC experts, creative designers, campaign builders, content writers and project managers who focus only on making your clients’ projects most successful.


And when the entire team works collaboratively, lead generation in just 7 days doesn’t seem like a myth.


2. PPC Campaign Management


Agencies providing best PPC services in India perform ongoing competitor analysis and keyword research to target keywords with high purchase intent. They will refine the keywords on a weekly basis to ensure the best PPC results.


Knowing what your competitors are doing – strategies and trends that are working for them – is another pivotal part of lead generation.

White label PPC agencies will analyse your competitors’ pay-per-click plan and devise new strategies for your clients to achieve compound success and reduce risks.

In addition to the above, the campaign is continuously managed and improved to deliver both quantitative and qualitative results for your clients.

They create PPC ad copy extensions and split-test them every week to ensure the ads are well-optimised for lead generation.


3. Build Custom Landing Pages


Another important aspect that goes in lead generation is the landing page a Pay-Per-Click ad is directing to. If the client’s website is not optimised to capture qualified leads and convert, even a successful ad campaign will fail to deliver quality results.


PPC white label services include custom landing page building that can boost their conversion rates by over 20%. The agency will design creative landing pages that compliment your PPC campaigns and convert.

They use different page layouts, techniques and lead form styles for lead generation and maximum conversions.


4. Tracking (Calls + Leads)


Without precisely knowing which keywords are converting into leads and which are just wasting your client’s money, it is not possible to optimise a PPC campaign.

A white label PPC agency will set up call and conversion tracking solutions to analyse the data and make necessary tweaks into the PPC campaign.


For call tracking, their PPC specialists will record and listen to all calls that the campaign generates. This helps identify qualified leads who can then be further nurtured for conversions.

Lead tracking through form submissions or email subscriptions is another powerful lead generation tool that white label agencies use.


The data gathered from tracking calls and leads helps the agency to optimise the PPC campaigns with the right search terms to get more leads and maximise your ROI.


5. Lead Generation Report


Every month, your clients will receive a comprehensive and easy-to-interpret lead generation report, 100% branded to your agency. Each report consists of the client’s KPI statistics, achievables, and a comparative study of the results with the previous month’s reports.

Good white label PPC management companies also provide actionable insights with each report.




To grow your business and increase ROI, it is imperative to choose a white label agency that is reputable and has extensive experience in PPC advertising.

Make sure they maintain 100% transparency and confidentiality as a PPC white label reseller while you have complete ownership of the account and everything related to the campaign.

Get all-inclusive white label PPC pricing and generate qualified leads for your clients in just 7 days and at a nominal price.


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