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6 Tips to Measure eCommerce PPC Performance During COVID-19

As the economic crisis looms, eCommerce PPC advertisers are adapting to survive. Here are six measurable, agile and cost-effective ways to measure PPC performance that can help your eCommerce store battle the COVID-19 crisis.


The click-through rate (CTR) for your eCommerce PPC ad is high, but are they buying? When will website traffic resume? When will your visitors buy? Which products are selling-off fast and which aren’t?


Amidst coronavirus pandemic, consumer demand for some businesses is evaporating while others are unable to fulfil orders due to shipping challenges and disruptions in the value chain. eCommerce dynamics are changing daily and marketers should adopt a more nimble and cost-effective way to measure PPC performance.


Here are 6 valuable tips for you:


1. Optmyzer’s new Google Ads script makes PPC management smarter


When tracking PPC performance amidst the unchartered territory of coronavirus, you need something more relevant, simple and measurable. Keeping this in mind, Optmyzer now provides this Google Ads script that shows Adwords eCommerce data with markers for critical coronavirus events.

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Source: Search Engine Land

Through this script, you can track your PPC performance against COVID-19 events like the closing of schools, store closures, introducing social distancing, etc. you can correlate these events with spikes or drop-offs in PPC performance.


This script can help eCommerce stores to track in which locations they can serve customers better and where shipping is badly hit. Your eCommerce Adwords agency can easily install this script by adding it to your Google Ads account and getting notifications of a new report on your email.


You can schedule the script to run at least once every day to measure how your PPC campaigns are performing against COVID-19 crisis and changing consumer behaviour.


2. Free script to compare consumer search behaviour before & during COVID-19


With COVID-19 turmoil affecting human lives and the global economy, consumer search behaviour is evolving at a rapid pace. This makes it crucial to track key metrics such as is there a major shift from mobile to desktop? Has there been a boost in night-time traffic? How will these affect my PPC campaigns?


To analyse consumer search behaviour and its impact on paid search advertising, your eCommerce PPC agency can use a free script created by Martin Röttgerding, the Head of SEA – Bloofusion Germany.

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Source: Optmyzer


The script provides simple charts & graphs to allow tracking changes in search behaviour. It plots the percentage of your ad clicks and conversions for weekdays, devices, and hour of the day. You can use it in an MCC or a single Google Ads account.


Copy the script code here, add it as a new script to your Google Ads account and run it. It does not require any configuration and automatically identifies whether or not it runs in an MCC.


3. Measure eCommerce PPC performance using Google Performance Planner


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant market volatility across different market segments. In this scenario, your eCommerce PPC company may use Google Performance Planner to explore campaign performance.


According to Google, “Performance Planner is a tool that lets you create plans for your advertising spend and see how changes to campaigns might affect key metrics and overall performance.”

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The forecasts are refreshed on daily wise and showcase campaign performance for the last 7-10 days. These are adjusted for seasonality, thereby, enabling you to consider the impact of market changes within that time frame. As a part of Google Ads eCommerce PPC services, you can devise strategies for ad spend and evaluate how changes made to PPC campaigns can affect vital metrics and overall performance.


Using this Performance Planner, you can:

  • See measurable forecasts for your PPC campaigns
  • Analyse business opportunities in seasonal periods as during COVID-19
  • Monitor outcomes by easily adjusting PPC settings
  • Seamlessly manage budgets across all PPC campaigns and accounts


4. Automate your eCommerce PPC analytics


Constant monitoring and performance tracking is the true essence of successful PPC campaigns. It is not unlikely for an inexperienced eCommerce PPC management company to deploy a killer paid search advertising strategy and then forget it completely. That’s where many PPC campaigns fail.


In crises like this, it is more important than ever to measure your PPC performance and how COVID-19 is affecting it. There are numerous analytics tools you can use but if you want to improve efficiency, invest in an automated solution that can deliver closed-loop PPC reporting.


For instance, if you automate Google Ads & Analytics reporting, it will help identify vital information which you can use to develop robust PPC strategies and boost campaign performance.


5. Measure Facebook PPC performance using intuitive COVID-19 dashboard

Want to track how your Facebook PPC campaign is performing during COVID-19 crisis? Your eCommerce PPC consultant may recommend using Tinuiti COVID-19 Performance Dashboard. This robust and intuitive dashboard enables you to analyse Facebook paid media trends ever since the epidemic took its shape.

facebook ppc performance

Source: Tinuiti


You can sign up for free using your email id while you get valuable insights into Facebook ad spend, categorised by key verticals. The dashboard automatically updates every week/month. It also shows how businesses across different segments are fast changing their Facebook PPC campaign and ad spends to adapt to COVID-19 crisis.


6. Predict future ad spends based on current trends

Merely measuring your PPC campaigns is not enough to survive in this distressing situation. eCommerce PPC experts also suggest projecting your future ad spends depending on the current pandemic condition.


Here, you can use Optmyzer’s Spend Projection Tool.

measuring your PPC campaigns

Source: Search Engine Land


The tool enables you to devise future PPC ad budgets based on current trends. It takes recent PPC performance changes into account to forecast future ad spends.




Regardless of the size and type of your business, PPC advertising experts can help achieve better search engine visibility and increase conversions. Implementing definitive strategies and using cutting-edge analytics tools can help offset the repercussions of COVID-19 and boost your ROI.


Hire professional eCommerce PPC services that can help battle this pandemic situation and foster better business opportunities for you.

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