5 Smart Ways to Diversify Your Traffic through PPC Advertising

Do you want to drive more traffic and grow your business faster?


Search Engine Optimization and content marketing are two effective ways to get organic traffic to your website. Though, these are long-drawn-out practices and can take several months to deliver impressive results in terms of colossal website traffic that matters.


There is another tactic that can help to achieve success faster. However, it is not free.


Of course, it is paid advertising; particularly Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. It is a powerful digital marketing strategy where you pay every time the ad is clicked. An effective PPC campaign can help improve your quality score, drive instant traffic, and reduce your Cost Per Click (CPC).


One thing that makes PPC advertising more worthwhile is you can reach segments of your target audience that were earlier unreachable. Yes; PPC might be riskier sometimes and ads may get quite expensive, but hiring an experienced PPC advertising agency can help mitigate the risks.


Why You Should Diversify Your Traffic?


Traffic is the holy grail of the digital world – the more website traffic you get, the better opportunity you have to build meaningful connections, remarket, and make money. However, do not settle with getting traffic from only a few sources. It could dry up any time and you will end up with nothing after a certain point of time.


For instance, we all know that SEO is a wonderful tactic to increase the visitor count. But relying completely on traffic from search engines is risky. Google is continuously refining and updating its search engine algorithms (and so are other search engines). So, if you invest too much in Google, algorithm updates and penalties can cause your organic traffic count to crash after a certain point, says Brett Bastello, the SEO Manager of Inseev Interactive.


Just like your investment portfolio, you need to diversify your traffic to get more visitors and achieve long-term success for your business. Diversification also enables you to target all potential customers whom you could not reach earlier through alone targeting strategy.


Plus, with a steady flow of traffic coming from diverse sources, you can take risks and innovate with your marketing strategies – something that your consumers want.


Look past SEO and content marketing, and see how you can leverage the skills of a PPC expert to drive more and diversified traffic to your business.

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How PPC Can Help Diversify Your Traffic?


Just like Search Engine Optimization, you can diversify your PPC campaigns and drive increased web traffic through different channels. PPC diversification is a powerful tactic – a defensive strategy – that allows you to spread your traffic to different campaigns. So, there is no need to put all your eggs into one basket. It is also a proactive strategy because it paves the way for new strategies and effective management.


Want to get started with diversifying your traffic through PPC? Expert PPC consultant suggests five important strategies for you:


#1: Think Beyond Google Ads


If a PPC advertising firm talks just about Google Ads, probably they do not have much experience in this domain.


It’s true that Adwords PPC holds 73% of the total paid search engine market. But that does not mean Google Ads is your only option for PPC advertising.


Here are some other popular PPC campaign networks that are actually posing tough competition for Google Ads:


Bing: The search engine network offers the same features as Google Ads and has a lower CPC. Despite being a less popular advertising network than Google, conversions on Bing are quite impressive.


Facebook: It is one of the largest PPC advertising networks today. Advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways you can diversify your traffic. It helps target a diverse age group and a global audience, driving maximum engagement.


LinkedIn Ads: If you want to drive B2B traffic, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms you can advertise on. The platform is more professional and provides an innovative opportunity to connect with key decision-makers of your target businesses.


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#2: Define & Segment Your Top-Performing Keywords


Ask any PPC advertising expert and they would know how the “80/20” rule is applicable for many accounts. This means 80% of your traffic or sales is likely to come from 20% of your keywords. And these 20% is your top-performing keywords.


For effective diversification, it is crucial to understand which are your top-performing keywords and segment those into specific campaigns and ad groups. Spreading these search terms across different PPC campaigns and targeted ad groups will help diversify your website traffic. Track and optimize these keywords, and discover precise “match variations” that are truly generating the most relevant traffic.


#3: A Great PPC Ad is Just Half the Battle


Okay, so you have a compelling headline, ad description, URL/link, and a Call to Action. You feel it’s a killer PPC ad copy. But wait. It’s not all.


It is important to understand how potential consumers engage with your brand on different advertising networks. Your target audience is likely to interact with your brand differently on search engines than on Facebook. In the former, they have specific search intent but not engage differently on social media.


Therefore, your PPC advertising consultant should adopt a different targeting approach for each advertising network. For instance, if a killer landing page is enough to convert your traffic coming from search engines, you might need to combine your PPC ad copy with an engaging email for social media.


#4: Generate Diversified Traffic through Amazon & YouTube


Both are market leaders in their respective industries. And that makes Amazon and YouTube the two most powerful PPC advertising networks to diversify your traffic.


Amazon is the 3rd most popular advertising platform after Google and Facebook and has an average conversion rate of 9.47%. On the other hand, 43% of new customers are likely to purchase something they see in a YouTube advert.


The statistics clearly indicate why any Adwords professional should consider these two platforms to diversify their traffic.


#5: Remarketing


You would find the best PPC advertising companies adopting a remarketing strategy to diversify the traffic. It is an effective strategy to target all potential customers who have visited your website or have shown interest earlier but did not convert. Through effective targeting, you can remarket to this audience-set and generate more conversions.




Diversification is a powerful PPC strategy that can help improve your bottom line. However, to achieve success, it is crucial to hire a PPC expert in India who have in-depth expertise in adopting varied pay-per-click strategies to deliver measurable results. A PPC expert continuously updates his/her knowledge to implement the right tactics that will help diversify your traffic coming from different sources.

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