5 Reasons to Outsource PPC Services

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Paid search outsourcing is the best investment you can make today and beyond.

It enables you to leverage one of the most effective digital marketing platforms – PPC advertising – to generate immediate and measurable results.

Pay-per-click advertising is not just cheaper than other marketing channels but also helps you reach your target audience when and where they are most likely to make a purchase.


According to a study, Google Ads PPC advertising garners 65% of total clicks, while organic search results get only 35% (Source: Craig McConnel).

Another report by Google states that businesses generate an average income of $2 for every $1 that they spend in Google Ads (Source: Google).

These statistics indicate why it is all the more important to outsource PPC to an expert.


While you might consider DIY paid search advertising, but only a specialist has everything it needs to create a killer PPC campaign that works.

Discussed here are the top reasons why you should consider hiring an outsource PPC agency.


Best Reasons for PPC Outsourcing India


For many businesses, pay-per-click advertising is like another job on their extensive to-do list.

Many others try putting their “limited” knowledge into practice to run PPC campaigns.

However, PPC outsourcing will help you capitalize on numerous lucrative opportunities this platform offers.

Here’s why you should outsource PPC to India.


1. Cost to Outsource vs. Managing the Campaign Internally


Only the big and privileged can afford to hire and maintain in-house PPC experts in the long run.

However, considering the huge investment involved in recruiting, onboarding, training, and retaining a full-time team, the cost often exceeds that of outsourcing to the PPC agency.

Therefore, many SMBs would consider hiring an outsourcing partner, offering more flexibility, than having a dedicated PPC team in-house.


Professional PPC outsourcing services scale with your business, allowing you to invest only when you require running paid search campaigns.

Generally, there are no long-term contracts or obligations, which further help you save more than paying month-on-month salary and perks to your full-time PPC experts.


Thinking to save on your PPC management fees by doing it yourself?

Poorly optimized campaigns can cause you to spend more per conversion, even if you manage to get more conversions.

Only an expert PPC outsource agency can craft a results-oriented PPC campaign, helping you make the most of every penny you spend.


2. You’re Not a PPC Expert


An obvious reason why you would like to outsource PPC management is that you do not have the level of knowledge and skillfulness it requires to be a paid search advertising expert.

Yes; you have read a few PPC guides and watched proven campaign management videos.

But that is not all to derive measurable results from your PPC ad spend.


Most Adwords outsourcing experts have a direct pulse on the Internet marketing industry and know the tricks of the trade that can deliver outstanding PPC results for your business.

They know all the forces and trends affecting pay-per-click campaigns and can devise the most optimum PPC plan that works best for your business.


From keyword research and copywriting to landing page optimization, bid management, and analytics, they will ensure that your PPC campaigns are in the best hands.

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3. Lack of Access to Powerful PPC Tools


PPC outsource agencies do not have some magic wand that will help achieve results overnight.

Successful PPC campaigns are the result of reasonable objectives, extensive industry experience, proven techniques, and cutting-edge tools.

When you outsource PPC services to an agency, you can benefit from their access to all required resources and tools.


From automating account creation to keyword research, ongoing optimization, bid management, and analytics – they have the best tools to deliver optimum PPC results.


4. Leverage Advanced Bid Management & PPC Analytics Capabilities


Do you know why most businesses tend to overspend on their PPC campaigns?

Because they lack effective bid management skills.

Smart bidding is the golden rule of successful PPC campaigns that help you generate more conversions at a lower CPC.

However, it requires years of knowledge and skills to master the art of bidding on the most relevant keywords.

A single mistake and you can end up spending more than what you get in return!


Adwords outsource agency has access to leading-edge bid management software that allows them to efficiently optimize and manage bulk keyword bids regularly.

Plus, they harness advanced analytics tools to continuously monitor campaign performance and provide comprehensive reports with actionable insights.


5. Get Faster & Accurate Results


When you invest in pay-per-click advertising, your objective is to drive more leads and increase ROI a lot faster than what you are experiencing right now.

Google Adwords outsourcing agency can have your PPC campaign set up and running quickly as compared to the laborious process of hiring an internal team.


Additionally, when you hire a PPC expert, you can expect accurate and reliable results because they are fully trained and trustworthy in terms of offering quality services.

They will spend time understanding your business and delivering customized PPC solutions that help generate immediate and measurable results.

Hopefully, the above reasons will help you understand why you should outsource Adwords management to an expert.


Valuable Tips to Hire the Top PPC Outsourcing Agency


Now that you know why outsourcing PPC is important for your business, let’s get into the facts of hiring a reliable outsourcing agency.


  • Look how much time the agency will spend on your PPC account: What is more important than considering outsourcing costs is the time your PPC agency will spend managing your campaigns.

    If they are not giving enough time that is required to manage your account effectively, then you may not see the desired results in the given time.


To ensure your agency spends a good amount of time in managing your campaigns, choose one that has a dedicated PPC team with the needed expertise and tools.

If the agency is utilizing a single team to handle all its digital marketing projects, they will not be able to do justice with your pay-per-click campaigns.


So, being very sure of this is important before you outsource PPC.

  • Excellent Communication is a Must: Do you know that poor communication is one of the top reasons why companies fire PPC agencies or look for better options?

    This is a big issue that you should not overlook. When you get superb results, you’ll hardly complain.

    But when the results aren’t praiseworthy, communication is one of the biggest aspects that will fall apart.


  • Setting Goals & Keeping Track of Them Regularly: It is important for the outsource PPC agency to understand your advertising needs and set measurable goals.

    At the same time, make sure they do not set goals, launch a PPC campaign, and then forget.

    Keeping track of the campaign performance, optimizing it regularly, and reporting you when a goal is met are the key indicators of a good PPC agency.


  • Proactive Approach: A PPC company that could not provide a definite timeframe to show-up with quality results is a red flag.

    They should have a proactive approach towards setting PPC goals, achieving timely results, and communicating you the progress.


PPC outsourcing can help businesses reap the benefits of paid search advertising in the long term, ensuring great results in a limited ad budget.


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