5 Google Remarketing Hacks to Drive Qualified Leads

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Let’s say you have a killer PPC campaign up and running on Google Ads. It’s driving qualified traffic, your CTR is skyrocketing, and your conversion rate is 40%! Feeling pretty good about it, right? Of course, you should.


But on the other hand, 60% of your traffic left without converting. Should you worry?


Well, no! Do not let your target audience convert on some other site when you can roll them back and turbocharge your ROI. Use these powerful Google remarketing hacks to bring back your audience, generate qualified leads, and boost conversions.


In this blog, we will cover some cheeky remarketing techniques you can use to start seeing great results for your PPC campaigns. Let’s get started!


1. Segment Your Visitors Based on where they are on the Sales Funnel


Segmenting your audience based on their funnel stage is one of the best ways you can remarket to them. Google allows you to show messages and ads to visitors based on particular sections of your website or pages they viewed earlier. You can use Google Analytics to gather data on page visits. This will help determine where your visitors are positioned on the sales funnel.


Typically, the following funnel stages matter most to marketers when it comes to getting qualified leads through remarketing:


i. New Qualified Leads: They are new contacts in your funnel who have not shown any interest in your brand but have the potential to convert into paying customers.


ii. Marketing Qualified Leads: These are leads that have shown initial interest in your product or service offerings.


iii. Sales Qualified Leads: These leads have not only shown genuine interest in your offer but are also ripe for effective sales interactions.


iv. Sales Accepted Leads: This is the most important stage in the sales funnel, wherein Sales Qualified Leads are placed in the process for maximum conversions.


Depending on the funnel stage of each of your visitors, you can promote the most relevant and engaging content that pushes them down to the next stage. Your remarketing agency will align your PPC ad content to sales funnel stages to out-throw competition and direct qualified leads.


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2. Bid More on Conversion and Shopping Cart Abandons


Smart bidding is an integral component of ecommerce remarketing, especially when you want to get quality leads and reduce your CPC at the same time.


For any ecommerce business, shopping cart abandonment and conversion bounce-backs are quite common. There might be several reasons for such consumer behavior. But they are the most high-potential leads when it comes to remarketing.


As soon as they leave, keep knocking these lost leads with powerful brand messages and attractive offers. A compelling PPC remarketing strategy can get the leads back on the conversion process. Consult the best ecommerce PPC agency that can help bid strategically to generate great remarketing results.


For this, it is important to adjust your remarketing bid strategy. Increase your ad spend for warmer traffic while reducing frequency capping on landing pages. To strike a balance, bid less on your homepage and non-converting “cold” visitors, i.e. someone who is still checking out your site and is less likely to convert. You can target these non-converting visitors with PPC ads that direct to landing pages having a soft Call-to-Action or your blogs.


3. Channelize Your Efforts towards Google Display Remarketing


If you want to target Google Display Network, remarketing can be an effective tool for you. Google Display is a powerful platform to drive quality leads by targeting audiences who have visited your website or shown a keen interest but did not convert. Here are some proven techniques that your remarketing services company may use:


Refine your targeting options: Set up the PPC campaign to target only those audiences who visited your site through paid advertising, but did not convert into sales. You can remarket to everyone visiting your site, i.e. through direct channels or organic search, but you would lose control over the quality of leads you want.


Avoid remarketing on unwanted platforms: Remarketing services allow you to follow your targeted audience wherever they are on the Google Display Network. So, it’s good if you can place your PPC ad on every website that your audience visits. Having said that, you would not want your prospects to associate you with just any topic or brand you appeared on GDN.


For instance, if you are a travel website, would you want your PPC ad to be displayed on a page that is about TV & Showbiz? NO.


To prevent this, go to the main settings of your Google Display Network campaign and click “additional settings.” Under “Content exclusions,” you would see several options. Check the boxes against topics that you want to “opt out of showing your ads on content that doesn’t fit your brand.”


Set frequency capping: When setting up remarketing campaigns, it is crucial to use the power of frequency capping to avoid burnout. When audiences are overexposed to your ads, the response rate tends to drop. To avoid this, you can set a frequency cap that allows limiting the number of times your Google remarketing ads are displayed to the same audience. In general, having 5-7 impressions per day per user is optimum.


4. Incentivize Product Page Viewers or Repeat Visitors


This ecommerce remarketing hack will drive qualified leads for your business and turbocharge conversions. Someone who visited your site or clicked a product page is likely to have a genuine interest in buying but somehow got distracted and abandoned. An ideal way to reach out to these lost sales is by remarketing with an exciting offer or an attractive discount.


Incentivizing your repeat visitors or page viewers is a powerful remarketing strategy to get them on board once again and compel them to buy. Get an ecommerce PPC company that brainstorms innovative ideas for remarketing.


5. Use Google Remarketing Member Duration

Set the duration of your Google remarketing campaigns with this simple hack – choose from how long you want to follow each website visitor and for each ad campaign you are running. It may vary depending on whether you want immediate sales or build long-term brand awareness.



Following the above Google remarketing tips will help generate qualified leads and increase your ROI. Make sure you hire professional PPC remarketing services that can help implement the right strategies for great outcomes.


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