5 Common Mistakes People Make in PPC for Plumbing & HVAC

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PPC is an effective way of reaching potential customers at the right time to promote products and services. It reaches out to multiple channels as well as devices. With a successful plumber PPC campaign, it is possible to generate faster profit than other forms of marketing.

PPC for plumbing & HVAC is important because of the number of searches for the term “plumbing services.” Regardless of the state, 20% of all searches are for local business, which includes plumbing. 90% of all consumers search for various local businesses online.

Therefore, if you have an operational plumbing business, you would want it to rank higher in search results.

PPC for plumbing plays a key role here. It is the best option to place your ads where it belongs, get better visibility and deliver results. However, as 90% of searchers do not go beyond the first page of search results, you should aim to rank your website on the very first page.

To make sure your PPC for plumbing & HVAC is perfect, here are the mistakes to avoid:

#1: Wrong Keyword Selection

PPC for plumbing is only as effective as the selected keywords. You must choose the keywords your targeted audience use frequently.

For instance, you are running an ad for users looking for ‘plumbing equipment’, but users looking for equipment do not need plumbing services. This means such users are not your target.

Hence, it is crucial to select appropriate keywords for an unfailing PPC campaign.

Google Keyword Planner is the best tool to select the right keywords. It not only helps you to select the right keywords but also informs you about the search volume for a particular keyword. This would help you understand whether people are looking up for the chosen keywords and whether it is feasible to bid on it.

Even after selecting multiple keywords, you must create a group of keywords to launch Google ads. A decent group of keywords enhance Google ad and allows you to reach your target audience. However, if your keyword group is poor, it could be a potential threat. For example, plumbing services, toilet repair, plumbing tools, clogged drain, etc.

Though the overall link is ‘plumbing’, it is unclear. You need to have a clearer, tighter, and contextual relationship.

#2: Not Studying the Competitors

For a successful plumber PPC ad campaign, you must know your competitors. It affects the ad campaign at its root and could be a potential make or break factor. Once the ad group is created, select a particular keyword, and search on Google.

Note the types of advertisements you see.

Based on what you see, target your keywords assessing why the ads are visible as search results. Is it simply because of an optimized ad copy or there are several relevant ad extensions?

#3: Lack of Content Keyword Optimization

PPC for plumbing & HVAC depends on keyword optimization. The higher the quality score your business has, the better visibility your ads could get on Google search.

One of the most critical factors for impressive quality score is to ensure proper keyword optimization in the ad. The ad content should be fun and exciting to grab the reader’s attention while including the keyword phrase.

Google determines the relevance of an ad copy. It connects keywords included in the ad copy to the keyword group and searches query. Hence, it is extremely imperative to mention the keywords used in the ad copy. In addition, make sure keywords are included in the title, headline and main body of the content. It would be better to include keywords in the title of the landing page and the URL too.

However, do not over-stuff keywords in the ad copy. It could be a red flag.

#4: Not Leading to a Landing Page

If your ad copy does not lead to a landing page, you should expect lukewarm results. Another important way to improve the overall quality score is to create a landing page.

Your ad copy should lead to a landing page because it brings high traffic rate, reduces bounce rate, and increases session duration. For users, it is crucial that the landing page tells them that this is what they have searched.

For example, your user is searching for HVAC services and the ad copy you clicked takes you to a landing page of water heater repair, it is not specific. The ad copy should direct you to a specific landing page for a better score.

#5: Not Including Negative Keywords

Did you know that negative keywords have a great impact on your audience?

Here’s an example: your target keyword is ‘plumbing & HVAC repair’, and in the PPC AdWords search, you find your ad appearing for the query – ‘plumbing & HVAC repair DIY.’ Here, you don’t want to target those users who want DIY.

Using negative keywords, you can command your PPC plan to not show an ad on such queries. You can tag ‘DIY’ as the negative keyword in this case.


Google AdWords with plumber PPC can take your business to new heights. Plan your professional PPC campaign right away.

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