3 Amazing Tips to Manage PPC Services during the Coronavirus Outbreak

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With COVID-19 becoming a global pandemic today, self-isolation, social distancing and work-from-home have become the new normal.

There has been a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour, affecting demand and supply. The COVID-19 effect on business has been radical, with many companies and start-ups being forced to shut down indefinitely.

Those who have managed to stay operational amidst the crisis are facing significant uncertainty.

For such companies, there are two options to address the effects of lockdown on businesses:

  • Adapt, survive and grow by rethinking their PPC services
  • Remain stagnant amidst these uncertain waters with lack of innovation and farsightedness

Unfortunately, many companies are embracing the latter option, particularly when it comes to PPC Adword.

For example, recent studies report that Google and Facebook are at the brink of losing over $44 billion in ad revenues in 2020 due to COVID-19 impact on digital economy.

Businesses affected by coronavirus fail to understand that putting a halt to their PPC ad budget isn’t going to help anymore.

In fact, adjusting their strategies or hiring the best PPC services is an effective survival strategy that can help businesses come out of the crisis in good shape.

The pandemic is a crucial time to refocus on strengthening your marketing strategies, making your brand or business most relevant to the current crisis. PPC is your turnaround strategy.

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In this blog, we will discuss how professional PPC services in India can help a business during COVID. Hiring a PPC expert can help re-strategise and optimise your ad campaigns, making the most of this pandemic condition.


#1: Review Your Business Value Proposition & Messaging


COVID 19 impact on business in India has virtually changed the PPC landscape overnight.

And why just India! The impact of COVID 19 on USA and other countries has been devastating, with a majority of businesses shutting down.

In this scenario, advertisers need to be innovative, agile and patient to achieve results in this fast-changing environment.

Start with optimising your brand value proposition and PPC ad messaging. Think how can be your product or service considered an “essential” or a priority amidst COVID 19 impact on India or other countries.

The primary trends to consider for optimising your PPC value proposition and messaging include:


  • Medical and essential services
  • Social distancing
  • Work from home
  • Entertainment/ on-demand streaming/ communication
  • Homeschooling
  • Self-care and beauty at home


You are lucky if your product or service fits into one of these trends. If not, consider modifying it or marketing it strategically to best fit into the current situation.

In both cases, you need to pivot your PPC value proposition and messaging to address the effects of lockdown on business in India.

Taking into consideration, the lockdown impact on IT sector and ecommerce, you can also shift your business digitally for the time being. Provide webinars and workshops or try selling your products online.

Your Google Ad expert will likewise optimise your PPC campaigns to be in line with the current scenario. Here are some areas you need to work upon:

  • Review your Call to Actions (CTAs). Revise your “Visit us at our store” messages
  • Use a reassuring and calming tone with a positive ad message. “Stay Safe; Stay Healthy” messages can go well in this scenario
  • Do not forget to mention your hours of operation
  • Incorporate shipping information with positive words like “Fast”, “Free”, etc.
  • Messaging that informs the audience your response towards building a smart business during COVID 19; safety & hygiene issues; corporate social responsibility; employee education, etc.

The optimised and COVID-targeted value prop and messaging should not only go into the primary ad copy but also in sitelinks, call-outs and landing pages.


#2: Create a Digital Experience


The only ray of hope for businesses affected by coronavirus is to change what they offer and most importantly, how they offer. Since people are apprehensive about leaving their homes, you can take your business to them and increase sales – digitally.

For this, you need to adjust your business model to survive the effects of lockdown on business in India and other countries.


Here are some ideas your expert in AdWords can adopt:


1. Create an innovative experience: Use the power of Virtual Reality (VR) to create immersive product or service experiences. Promote it in your PPC ad for maximum clicks. For instance, test-driving a car via a VR app.

2. Switch to “delivery only” model: Businesses that have brick-and-mortar stores can change their PPC messaging that target offering products or services through “delivery.” For instance, a restaurant chain offering food delivery at home. Encourage more clicks by making delivery “free.”

3. Give away: Bundle your products or services with goods in the medical or essential category or simply give them away for free to boost your sales. This is how you can target customers’ pain points and provide solutions to survive COVID 19 affecting US business.

4. Special offers: Considering offering free delivery, selling a bonus pack or a powerful BOGO deal.


#3: Focus on E-commerce and Social Media


E-commerce is the silver lining to address COVID 19 impact on IT sector in India and USA. Platforms like Google Shopping and Amazon are performing well despite USA COVID 19 effects on business. Refocus your PPC ad budget towards Google Shopping and Amazon Ads to increase visibility and get more clicks.

You can also target powerful social media platforms like Facebook Ads to make your PPC ads stand out and get more clicks. In a scenario where Google Ads is performing below average due to a radical change in what consumers search today, businesses need to shift focus to other PPC platforms.




Pandemics like this have always affected PPC. It will disrupt the industry but do not stop your PPC campaigns.

In fact, this is the time to hire Adwords experts and make the above-mentioned adjustments to generate good results. Only an experienced Adwords expert can help strategise improved PPC campaigns that are in line with the current event.

Adwords specialists will also measure the PPC results and help make rational business decisions based on the data.

Make sure you seek consultation from certified Google Ads experts who continuously upgrade their skills to provide customised solutions that can help cope with the COVID-19 situation.


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