10 Quick Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

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What is your objective behind building an awesome website? Of course, more traffic and higher revenues! An eye-catching website can drive more traffic but will fail to boost your ROI unless it is intelligently optimized for higher conversions. Getting website traffic certainly is the cornerstone of digital marketing success but it is more crucial to converting this traffic into quality leads and higher sales. Experts suggest a combination of organic techniques and professional Pay per Click services to deliver optimal results.

In this article, we will discuss ten effective ways to achieve Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). But before that, let’s understand what conversion rate optimization is and why it is important.


What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

A website’s rate of conversion is the percentage of your website traffic that converts on a Call to Action. This can be in the form of anything that enables you to achieve desired outcomes –

  • Filling out the contact form
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Buying a product
  • Downloading a free e-book
  • Hiring a service

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process where you practice proven methodologies and techniques to increase the percentage of traffic that completes the desired website goal. Find out the top reasons why you should conversion rate optimization is important for your business:

i) Conversion optimization not only makes your website visually-appealing but also ensures improved functioning and ease of use. This gives your website a winning advantage over your competitors.

ii) With website conversions declining, businesses experience higher PPC ad budgets over time. Effective conversion rate optimization can help you make the most out of the clicks you generate, ensuring these clicks pay for themselves. The best PPC company in India will ensure effective CRO to help generate maximum returns for every click you get.

iii) CRO is also the key objective of ad management companies, minimizing the overall cost of digital marketing.

iv) Conversion Rate Optimisation techniques can also help shape consumer behavior by providing them a seamless experience on your website.

v) Optimizing your conversion rate delivers immediate results unlike search engine optimization which is a time-consuming process. CRO also provides long-term results but requires continuous testing and improvements.

What is a Good Conversion Rate?

The average conversion rate is 2.35% across all industries. However, the top 25% of landing pages are reported to convert at 5.31% or even higher. What more! There are high-performance landing pages that have a whopping high conversion rate of 11.45% or more.


10 Most Valuable Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Outlined below are ten proven ways to boost your conversion rate in a fast and effective way:


#1: Have a Clear and Evoking Business Value Proposition

Does your business have a unique value proposition? It is the primary reason why your customers should buy from you.

Make your value proposition crystal clear and compelling on your website, particularly by integrating a sense of urgency that persuades your customers to take the desired action. For a conversion-focused and captivating value proposition, it should ideally showcase what benefits your customers will get by choosing you, how you distinguish yourself from competitors, and what problems you aim to solve.

Keep it short, simple and crisp to instantly attract the attention of your target audience, engage them meaningfully, and compel them to take an action.


#2: Focus on Relevancy

What is the biggest reason your website visitors bounce back? It is due to a lack of relevancy between your ad and your landing page. You have just 5 seconds to engage your website visitors and hold on to their interests. For this, it is important that what you say on ads matches precisely with what there is on the landing page. Additionally, it is more crucial to stay relevant with what our audiences are looking for or their search intent.

Consult a certified Adwords expert who can help create a compelling PPC ad as well as optimize your landing pages to be most relevant, engaging and information-rich.


#3: Build Trust

Did you know that there exists a direct connection between trust and your website’s rate of conversion? The more trustworthy and professional your website looks, the higher will be the conversion rate. Here are some ideas about how you can build trust among your target audience to boost conversions:

  • Provide Testimonials: By incorporating customer testimonials on your website, you can highlight your product or service excellence as well as induce a sense of reliability by showing experiences of real people who have purchased your product or hired a service.
  • Add a Guarantee: Adding guarantees to your products or services can go a long way in building trust and improving your conversion rate. An example of a guarantee may be providing “no-questions-asked refund policy” or “unlimited revisions” until the final version is satisfactory.
  • Get Consumer Reviews: Find out what people are talking about your brand, product or service. Check out consumer review sites and link the pages to your landing page or website.

#4: Content or Ad Creative Optimisation

Google ad expert suggests content optimization as one of the key steps to increase your website conversion rate. It is important to optimize your ad creative and landing page content to make it more engaging and compelling for your website traffic. This can be done by using action verbs with a touch of positive emotion and an active voice that persuades your visitors to take an action. Hire PPC consultant who can guide you in creating compelling headlines and Call to Action for maximum conversions.


#5: Track Your Conversions

Often, banking on your proven strategies can be an effective way to boost conversions. Track conversions that you are already generating, and monitor the strengths and loopholes in the sales funnel. However, you should track conversions coming from the entire sales process. This should also include offline strategies like phone calls, brochures, etc. Tracking overall conversions will also help identify areas in the sales funnel that are not generating conversions as desired.


#6: Strikethrough Pricing

Who doesn’t love to get a lucrative deal! Strikethrough pricing is a great way to create a perception in the minds of your customers that they can buy a product or service at a lesser price than what it is worth or what they are willing to pay. It enables your potential customers to see the value of the product or service, and how much they can save by buying it from you. A smart tactic is to cross the original price of the product or package and highlight the sale price.


#7: Create Unique and Dedicated Landing Pages for all PPC ads

When you hire professional PPC in India, certified experts will create unique and dedicated landing pages for each of your pay per click ad. Do not serve the same landing page to all website visitors coming from different PPC ads. Each ad is designed with a specific purpose and therefore, the landing pages should be targeted towards fulfilling the goals and being relevant to the ad. Pay per click advertising is most effective and will drive conversions when your visitors are directed to respective landing pages (and not your home page) that describes more about the product, service or offer.


#8: Try Different Styles of Forms

The too complicated or elaborate form can often be a turnoff for your consumers. It is at this point in time that your potential customers can bounce back from your website. To hold onto their interests and compel them to fill-up the form, keep it simple and precise. Use different styles, avoiding unnecessary fields or enabling auto-fill options. You can also try different color variations or Call to Actions. Test each style to ensure which is working best to drive conversions.


#9: Add Compelling and Unique CTA Buttons

If you want to increase your conversion rate quickly, nothing can beat the power of the unique and compelling call to action. It is important that you test different iterations of CTA and use the ones that work best for your business. Use positive words or authoritative statements that can psychologically tickle your potential customers to click the CTA. For better results, you can use multiple CTAs in different sections of the page and monitor which ones drive maximum engagement level.

Some smart examples of CTAs that have garnered higher conversions are “Yes, I want my discount”, “Grow My Traffic”, etc.


#10: Eliminate Distractions

As WordStream stated in a report, businesses can increase their conversion rates by up to 40% by eliminating navigation links from landing pages. Landing pages are designed to drive conversions. If it focuses on irrelevant elements, it can distract the user away and you will have fewer conversions. Remove distractions like vague imagery, videos or testimonials that are not relevant or direct to some other message.



In this era of disruptive advertising, the more unique and relevant you are, the higher conversions you can get. Outsource professional PPC pricing packages and give your CRO initiatives a significant boost. The above strategies will help you develop an intelligent optimization strategy, increase conversions, and generate higher sales.


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