10 Benefits of Outsourcing PPC for Your Ecommerce Store

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PPC outsourcing to an expert can help you spend valuable time in improving core business areas, while your marketing results are well taken care of.

There are primarily two reasons why ecommerce stores outsource PPC:


  • First, they do not have the time to manage PPC advertising campaigns. To grow their ecommerce store and thrive in the cut-throat competition, they must work on their business


  • Second, they are not likely to have the required knowledge, skills and resources to manage ecommerce PPC and achieve great results


Discussed here are 10 benefits of taking PPC off your plate and outsource it to a specialist.


1) Harness Industry Knowledge & Expertise


When you outsource to PPC agency, you gain access to highly qualified professionals who have years of experience in this field.

They will thoroughly understand your business and target audience, and devise a holistic marketing strategy that encompasses everything from keyword research and competitor analysis to creating a compelling ad campaign, landing page optimization, A/B testing, bid management, optimizing the campaign, and powerful analytics.


Having specialized knowledge and skillfulness in ecommerce PPC, their core objective is to make your products rank on the top of the search engine result pages.

With an outsourcing PPC agency, your pay-per-click ad campaigns will get ongoing expert attention and support.


2) Save on Your Advertising Budget


When you outsource PPC management to an experienced team, they will handle your campaigns with the perspective of reaping a consistent flow of revenue from your initial ad budget.

If you do not have experience in the platform, your ad spend will wane in the blink of an eye without delivering quality results for your eCommerce store.


A good PPC agency comes with specialized skills to identify the areas of wasted ad spend on the platform you wish to advertise.

They will define a custom strategy that aligns with your marketing goals and budget, and utilizes your ad spend to the best to derive higher revenues from it.

For instance, they can implement the strategy of “negative keywords” to ensure the ad is not shown to irrelevant searchers.

This will help reduce your CPC that goes in these unwanted clicks with no returns as such.


3) Get the ‘Advantage’ over Hiring a Full-time PPC Expert


Many ecommerce stores may consider hiring an in-house PPC expert on a full-time basis to have complete control of the campaigns and track performance regularly.

However, there is a huge cost associated with hiring a full-time specialist as against paid search outsourcing.


An experienced PPC consultant will hail a high salary and other perks, month on month.

Additionally, there is a huge cost involved in talent acquisition, recruiting, and training.

Even when there are no live PPC campaigns, your business has to continue paying the expert for actually doing nothing.


This isn’t the case when you outsource PPC services. It is not that outsourcing PPC comes real cheap.

In fact, good PPC agencies have fees on the higher end because of the level of expertise they have and the quality results they deliver.

However, they will only charge you till they provide services; no ongoing or long-term contracts.

This gives you the flexibility to hire and pay only when you need and not throughout the year as in case of hiring an in-house expert.

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4) Access to Cutting-edge Resources


PPC campaigns deliver desired results only when human expertise is combined with modern tools and technologies.

As an ecommerce store owner, you may not have knowledge or access to all these relevant tools, which may affect your PPC performance.

A PPC outsource agency typically has all the vital resources and tools at their disposal to make the most out of your ad campaigns.


When you outsource PPC India, your campaigns can be well-optimized and tweaked for improvements using these tools.

These also play an integral role in performance tracking, analytics and reporting.

This is crucial to monitor if the campaign is deriving results as desired and what are the areas that need improvements.


Some of these tools include Keyword Research Tool, Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Amazon Ads Analysis tool, etc.


5) Boost Ecommerce Productivity & Performance


The ecommerce industry is at its boom, and so is the competition.

To cut through the clutter and make your products stand out on the top, it is important to continuously improve the PPC campaigns by keeping pace with the latest developments and industry trends.

When you outsource PPC team, be assured that their knowledge and skills perfectly align with the ever-dynamic PPC environment.


They spend time upgrading their expertise and working practice, and remain abreast with the recent changes.

Ongoing training is a part of their KPI. This enables them to adapt fast and implement their skills into practice to improve PPC performance and increase your sales.


6) Better Communication and Control


Unlike the common misconception, Adwords outsourcing does not mean you will lose control of your campaign.

Good PPC agencies practice effective communication system that is based on keeping the client in the loop through all stages of PPC advertising and management.

In the initial meeting, they will discuss the mode of communication and allocate a dedicated account manager – your single-point of contact for all information and queries.


Additionally, the ownership and control of your PPC account, all data and reports lie with you.

This makes it less hassle-prone when it comes to ending the contract with the agency.

Through regular reports, the PPC outsource team will update the campaign performance, result-driving metrics, and actionable insights.


7) More Convenience


Yes, that’s true. Having an Adwords outsource agency on-the-go provides the utmost flexibility and ease to react fast to PPC campaign changes and industry developments.

With them, you can seamlessly turn things on and off around the clock as regarded as important for your ecommerce business.

This isn’t an advantage you would get with an in-house team.


8) Scalability


This is another key advantage of Google Adwords outsourcing. As your ecommerce store grows, you can hire a PPC agency on a full-time or part-time basis to manage and optimize your campaigns.

However, you also have the flexibility to scale down the services when you do not want to spend in PPC advertising.

Many PPC firms provide flexible engagement models that allow you to hire them on a project basis, i.e. only when required.


9. Smart Bidding Abilities


Bidding in PPC is a time-consuming and complex process.

It involves identifying the right keywords, understanding their competitiveness, testing performance, and bidding accordingly.

Let only a professional manage this integral core and deliver measurable results, with lower CPC, for your ecommerce store.


10. Accurate & Agile PPC Results


When it comes to PPC campaign management, there is no room for mistakes. Elsewhere, it will cost you in dollars.

Outsource Adwords management to a professional who has proven expertise to do it right…the first time.

By harnessing their technical know-how and resources, they can manage your campaigns to their fullest potential and deliver agile results at a fast pace.



The importance of PPC outsourcing India cannot be overlooked, especially when you are in the competitive business of ecommerce.

Make sure you hire an experienced and reputable PPC agency that can deliver quality results at minimal investments.


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