Bright Signs Learning Case Study

Amazon PPC Case Study Bright Signs Learning


Bright Signs Learning has developed an innovative four-video multisensory teaching system that helps inspire the children to read while keeping them entertained. It is all about learning while having fun.


The kids’ learning-based firm had invested U.S. $2,000 in Amazon PPC ad campaigns but the results weren’t impressive. The number of total orders month-on-month was low, while the average cost of sale was significantly high. The scenario posed a major challenge for us to deliver expected results.

Challenge Statement

A. Low number of orders month-on-month

B. High cost of sale

C. Low value of total sales

Case Study Bright Signs Learning


50% Complete
increase in sales 50%
22% Complete (success)
increase in total number of sales 22%
29% Complete (info)
decrease in ACoS 29%

Increasing sales volume and generating better value for Bright Signs Learning was a big challenge for us. However, we strategized optimizing the ad campaign and focused on relevant keyword usage and targeting the right audience set.

Case Study Bright Signs Learning

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